About the authors & artists

David England

Prestonian David is young at heart, mature in spirit, and on a long, long road to being ancient in wisdom. He is a storyteller, a psychotherapist, a shamanic healer and a writer. He tells stories that beguile, bedazzle and are bejewelled in detail. He wrote Berkshire Folk Tales with storyteller and editor-supreme Tina Bilbé . Lancashire Folk Tales is his second book. David’s website is www.DavidEngland.co.uk.

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Jennie Bailey

From the liminal borderland between Lancashire and Cheshire, Jennie is a thirty-something, self-declared Word Nerd. She has poetry published in Oxford’s poetry zine The Nail, The Best of Manchester Poets (volumes 1 & 3), Electric Sky, Blank Pages and Loose Muse. She won the inaugural Manchester Climate Monthly prize for short story ‘Veins that carry blood and water’. She is an itinerant scribbler and a passionate believer in educating for social change. Her website is: www.jenbee.me.uk.

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Jo Lowes

Hailing from Cumbria, Jo is a freelance photographer / graphic artist and teacher at Salford College, Greater Manchester. Her inspiration comes from travelling, two pesky cats, doodling and making sure her camera never leaves her side. More work can be seen at sheshouldbequiet.wordpress.com

Adelina Pintea

Having worked in interior design, Adelina has always been an addict of the Rotring art pen and the uncanny watercolour washes that give it life. Originally from Transylvania, she is now Manchester-based with a portfolio that features urban sketches, the nonspeaking world of animals and scripted stories. Her website is www.adelinapintea.co.uk.

Katherine Soutar

Katherine has designed all the brilliant covers for the History Press Folk Tales series. Katherine’s website is www.dancingcatdesign.co.uk.